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Gordano School

 Portishead Poetry Competition 2022

Femke Lucking (Winner)

I once had a tree in my garden,

A tree my father said would grow.

Stretch out of its root confinement, 

Stretch up and over our home.

And stroke and hold the hands of the people,

They’d become my brothers and sisters.

The world would be a peaceful bliss,

For as long as the world would continue to exist.


And although my tree is gone now,

His hope for peace remains.

In the heart of me and my people,

It sings as clear as day.

Of course before it’s been demolished,

But peace can never be abolished.

I and we shall continue to persist,

For as long as the world would continue to exist


Emily Webster 

Their lives destroyed and their freedom banned,

One day all their stories washed up on the sand.

Waiting to be found by those passing by,

But nobody stopped not even to cry.

One day you couldn’t have felt so alone,

When you’d given all of your blood, sweat and bone,

To the people who would’ve had you dead in a day,

You wanted the darkness to just go away.

They were locked up, beaten and battered and broken,

Now one day their stories are finally spoken,

And now that we’re here they don’t have to be scared,

The measure of their bravery cannot be compared.

Jamie Rattray

Run or hide? This is genocide

Jewish families were petrified.

Tricked, taken and tortured for days

Starved and abused in horrendous ways

Walking round camps, a tensionless mood

Empty, expressionless, silent, subdued

Chilling chambers filled with gas

Death was slow, but fear was fast

Millions died, there was no relief 

Beaten and butchered for their belief 

Vile and vermin in Nazi eyes

The real vermin - Hitlers spies

This why, every year

We remember what should be so clear

World discrimination must be drained

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