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‘Hope in Darkness’ 


HMD North Somerset - What We Stand For 


Our Overall Aim is: 

To promote and support Holocaust Memorial Day to commemorate the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, all victims of Nazi Persecution and those who have been murdered in subsequent genocides; to encourage people to learn lessons from the past and take steps to challenge identity based hatred and persecution. 

Competition Inspiration and Starting Point 

In a world marked by the darkest chapters of history, there are glimmers of hope, resilience and courage that transcends the shadows. 'Hope in Darkness' is more than just a theme; it's a powerful testament to the indomitable human spirit. 


In our world today, where denial, division, and misinformation seem to gain ground, it's more crucial than ever to be vigilant against hatred and identity-based hostility. Turbulent political climates, global events that often feel beyond our control, and the disconcerting spread of mistruths can leave us feeling powerless and insignificant. 


In the face of adversity and despair, hope emerges as a guiding star. It is the unwavering belief that even in the depths of darkness, there is a path towards a brighter future. It's a reminder that amidst the most challenging circumstances, there exist stories of triumph, solidarity, and resilience that shine through like stars in the night sky. 


As you contemplate this theme, we encourage you to explore the duality of darkness and hope through your lens. Seek those moments of optimism, connection, and transformation, whether on a grand scale or in the most intimate of settings. Capture the essence of 'Hope in Darkness' in your photographs, showing us how individuals and communities find strength, purpose, and unity even in the bleakest moments. 


Your lens can be a tool for change, a medium to shed light on the stories of hope that too often go unnoticed. Let it be a reminder that, no matter how dim the world may seem, hope has the power to inspire, uplift, and unite. 


We invite you to participate in our photography competition and share your unique perspective on 'Hope in Darkness'. Your images will not only be a testament to the past but also a source of inspiration for a future filled with resilience, compassion, and brighter tomorrows. For inspirational stories relating to the Holocaust and subsequent genocides please visit 

Additional Inspiration for Entrants Aged 12-18 years


Diverse Cultures Unite: Perhaps consider events where people from different

backgrounds come together to celebrate their cultural diversity, emphasising

hope found in unity and understanding.


Unity Through Creativity: There may be opportunities to photograph a group of diverse

friends coming together to create art, play music, dance, cook together, or

engage in a positive activity in their school or neighbourhood, demonstrating the

power of unity and support.

Peaceful Protests: Might you be able to capture images of young people and

activists advocating for peace and a better future, whether through peaceful

demonstrations, art, or other creative means? These photos can emphasise the

power of collective action and the hope for change.


Community Support: Are there opportunities to photograph the efforts of local

communities coming together to provide aid and support to those affected by

war? This can emphasise the importance of solidarity and helping one another

during dark times.


Acts of Kindness: Have you witnessed acts of kindness, for example the

befriending of someone from a different culture and being helped to settle into

your school? Simple acts of kindness can help build peace.


Nature’s Symbolism: Perhaps look to nature for symbols of hope. A single

flower blooming in a desolate landscape or a ray of sunlight breaking through

storm clouds can represent the persistence of hope in the face of darkness.


These are just examples to get you thinking. We expect you to use your creativity

and imagination and find your own examples of how best to convey the theme of

hope in the face of darkness through the medium of photography.


Thank you for taking part. We look forward to receiving your entries.

HMD North Somerset


1. The competition is open to all amateur photographers within the age groups of 12-18         years and 19 years and over who reside in or attend school or college in North                   Somerset.

2. Deadline for entries is midnight on 8 January 2024. 

3. Awards for both age groups are gift or book tokens for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for £50,       £25 and £15 respectively. 

4. Entrants may submit one photograph which illustrates the theme (in black & white or           colour).

5. Photographs submitted should depict and/or illustrate the theme Hope in Darkness’        and must be taken by the entrant. 

6. Photographs must have been taken by the entrant since January 2023. 

7. Photographs must be entered by e-mail as attachments to

8. Photographs must be submitted in the format of a digital jpeg at a minimum of 2MB.

9. Each entry must be accompanied by a caption of no more than 100 words explaining         why the photograph illustrates the theme of ‘Hope in Darkness’

10. Please also include the following information: 

      First name, last name, email address and age group. 

Note: Under 16’s may ask their parents to submit their entry on their behalf. Teachers may submit the entries from their students.  Please email and let us know if you are planning to do this. 

11. A confirmation receipt will be emailed within 48 hours of your entry being received.

12. Hard copies cannot be accepted. 

13. Photographers must seek the permission of any people featured in the photograph (or       the permission of guardians for photographs of people under

16. Any private events and buildings featured in the photograph also require permission           before submitting your entry. HMDNS will assume this permission is in place for each         photograph submitted. 

14. Photographs must not have been previously published. 

15. By submitting images the photographer grants HMDNS the licence to use, edit, publish       or broadcast the photograph in any format for exhibition, education and marketing or           other promotional activity including press and other publicity purposes. 

16. Copyright is held by the photographer. 

17. Any prints produced for the competition will remain the property of HMDNS. 

18. A panel of judges will choose the winning entries. Their decision is final and no                   correspondence will be entered into. 

19. All winning entries will be notified. 

20. Judges and HMDNS committee members shall not be permitted to enter the                       competition


 If you have any queries please email: 

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